Made in South Milwaukee: Sewing Another New Downtown Business

Mara Vignevic helped build Eder Flag’s sewing department in her more than 20 years with the Oak Creek company. Now she’s on her own, and she’s bringing her sewing business to downtown South Milwaukee.

Mara’s Sewing Shop has opened at 915 Milwaukee Ave., where she and her eight employees will sew flags, banners, garments, and other custom items for customers big and small, as well as do alterations. (They were sewing thousands of American flags for one client this week alone.) There will also be a small walk-in retail shop, where they can take custom orders.

Mara is no stranger to Milwaukee Avenue. The shop was previously at 1200 Milwaukee Ave., but she had to scale back when her husband took ill. He passed away late last year, and Mara is now looking to return her business to the city in which she grew up.

You can learn more about Mara’s story in this 2013 Business Journal article.

I met Mara and her assistant for coffee at their new neighbor, MKE City Sippers, recently. She feels a strong tie to downtown, and wants to be part of its continued revitalization.

She is also expanding her business as a tribute to her husband, who encouraged her to continue growing Mara’s Sewing House before his death.

“It took me 6 months to even go for coffee with a friend or accept phone calls but now I feel like he is watching me and approves of my growth and is very proud,” she told me. “That thought has helped me with my grieving process.”

I can’t think of a better tribute. Welcome back to downtown South Milwaukee!

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