Recapping a Busy Year: South Milwaukee Fire Department Releases Annual Report


The South Milwaukee Fire Department has issued its 2015 Annual Report, and it provides a great summary of the hard work they put in every day to keep us safe.

From Fire Chief Joe Knitter …

This report provides only a brief snapshot of the hard work put forth by the members of your fire department who continue to demonstrate their commitment to providing an exceptional level of service and standard of coverage to meet the increasing needs of our community. Our overall call volume increased during 2015 with a notable increase in the number of EMS calls. Conversely, the number of total fire incidents dropped slightly as did the dollar loss associated with structure fires.

One area of improvement that I am once again proud to highlight is the increase in the number of community members impacted by our fire prevention/community outreach efforts. As you will see on Page 12, we interacted with a significant number of K-4/5, 1st grade and 5th grade students who participated in our fire safety education programs and visited a number of businesses and industries instructing community members on the safe and proper use of fire extinguishers. Although it is nearly impossible to predict how many fires or injuries these initiatives prevent, our dedication to maintaining a presence in the community and delivering fire and life safety messages can only become more effective as we interact with more community members.

Thanks to all of these everyday heroes for all they do!

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