Thank You


I shared this email with our police department just now.

To the Department –

Thank you. You probably don’t hear it enough, but thank you.

Thank you for your service, for choosing the too often thankless profession you did.  

Thank you for putting yourself in harm’s way to keep us safe every day.

Thank you for running in to the chaos when everyone else is running out.

Thank you for all you do for our community. From Shop with a Cop to Community Night Out to Neighborhood Watch, you work hard to foster positive relationships with residents.

Thank you for your work in our local schools. From DARE to the officer liaison program at the middle and high schools, you have touched thousands of young lives.

Thank you for living up to the high standards of conduct demanded by your department and your profession, despite sometimes terribly challenging situations.

Thank you for your commitment to get better every day, through honing your skills or building new ones through training and education.

Thank you for your courage to press on despite tragedies like we saw last night in Dallas.

Thank you for living up to your mission: “We, the members of the South Milwaukee Police Department, are dedicated to providing a proactive, full service department that enhances the quality of life in our community by reducing crime through the protection of life and property.”

Thank you for showing every day that all … lives … matter.

I stand with you.


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4 responses to “Thank You

  1. Have lived in SM for many years and now retired UPNORT. Always supported the Police and felt was recropcated. Felt safe in SM always.
    As an added note while in active military duty was assigned MP duty so know first hand (1960’s) the poor respect for our duty. That has always made me support Enforcement, as know what they face every day.
    Thank you for supporting your Local Police Force.

  2. Ernie & Kathy Wunsch

    We cannot express our gratitude and thanks enough for the tremendous loyalty, dedication and courage our Police have, especially in these delicate and dangerous times.

    I would also say thank you for watching and protecting our businesses, great response times, professional attitudes and an understanding of our community make us safe.

    Thank you South Milwaukee Police and thank you to all of our brothers and sisters in uniform throughout the nation!

  3. Sharon

    Well said and agree 1 million percent


    Thank you to all our brave Police men and women and our Fire Dept men and women . We appreciate all you do to keep us safe. You all will always have our support .
    Vern & Pat Gerasch

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