Telling the South Milwaukee, and South Shore, Story


I was honored to be asked to speak Wednesday at the South Shore Chamber of Commerce meeting at Papa Luigi’s in Cudahy.

Here is the speech I gave. And I mean every word of it.

My message, for South Milwaukee and the South Shore …

We are just getting started. Our future is bright, and our best days are yet to come. Our potential as a region is still unmet, and that’s why it’s so exciting to be the mayor at this time and place. 

All of the South Shore communities have great stories to share … and are in the process of writing new chapters as I speak.

My ask: Get behind what’s going on here. Get involved. And tell your friends, family, colleagues and business associates just what is happening here. Help write that story.

Let’s go!


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6 responses to “Telling the South Milwaukee, and South Shore, Story

  1. Rose Flores

    Thank you mayor for your positive attitude and for building on our proud past. “Change is possible when the “I” becomes “we”. John Steinbeck .
    Rose Flores

  2. Good for you. You can’t say you haven’t tried. Thank you

  3. Barbara

    What happened to Dairy Queen?

  4. Mike

    Is it true that Noami’s was also broken into?!?

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