Uniting a Neighborhood to Combat Crime and Make us All Safer


I’m excited to see the energy behind this new Neighborhood Watch group, and I’m looking forward to seeing the neighborhood — and broader community — come together to make us safer.

I want to see more of these form in our community. Every neighborhood could benefit from a watch program.

Want to start a block watch? Learn more here.


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6 responses to “Uniting a Neighborhood to Combat Crime and Make us All Safer

  1. Erin Napier

    Hi: There is an organized movement in the Grant Park District, along with a community on nextdoor.com in regard to a Neighborhood Watch for the area in the following 4 mile square neighborhoods/district:

    – Hawthorne Avenue (and north)
    – S. Lake Drive (and west)
    – N. Chicago (and east)
    – E. College Avenue (and south)

    Our meeting takes place on August 22 at the Grant Park Club House from 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. with SMPD support. We’ve already secured a monthly meeting schedule in 2016/2017 and meeting place for our movement.

    It’s important that it is noted at the August 18 Mayor’s meeting that an existing Neighborhood Watch has been organized and that the Grant Park District meeting is on August 22. We welcome additional neighbors in the perimeters of the district (mentioned above) to join our cause and attend our already organized meeting.

    Thanks, Erin Napier, 521 Park Avenue

  2. Patti Bergeson

    Starting one by 8th and Michigan already contacted Officer Hill for dates he can participate.

    • Kim Moeller

      We encourage you to attend the meeting on August 18th at EW Luther. We have invited the Neighborhood Watch Liason for SMPD, the Police Chief for SMPD, the 1st District Alderpeople, the Mayor and the County Supervisor. It is our hope to create momentum to have all the various block watches pulling in the same direction.

  3. Michael Moeller

    Also remember to mark your calendars for Community Night Out on August 17th from 5:30 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.being held at the South Milwaukee Police Department.

  4. RocketMom

    Thursdays through October is SM Farmer’s market day. Any chance you could get a nonprofit booth at the market to pass out a calendar of when these meetings happen? We don’t have a community newspaper any more and facebook has changed their algorithms again (it’s not reliable for 11th hour information). Thank you! I am looking forward to hearing more on how we can watch out for each other.

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