Watershed Meeting Set for August 30

Oak Creek Parkway fall

From the Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission …

Join us for the next Oak Creek Watershed Restoration Plan meeting on August 30, 5:30-7:00 p.m. at Oak Creek Civic Center’s Multipurpose Room, 8040 S. 6th Street, Oak Creek. SEWRPC staff will give a presentation on goals for the meeting and attendees will break out into small groups based on geography to discuss restoration priorities and projects.

The public is welcome, but attendees are asked to register. Do so here.

As we prepare for the meeting, a lot has happened with the early efforts to produce a much-needed restoration plan.

I asked SEWRPC for an update …

SEWRPC staff have begun field work for the Watershed Restoration Plan, focusing first on the mainstem of Oak Creek. Staff are walking the stream, collecting data and photos for streambank erosion, sewer outfalls, debris, sediment, and channel characteristics. Commission staff have also started to collect historical information on the Mill dam and pond.



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4 responses to “Watershed Meeting Set for August 30

  1. Karl Lonngren

    Was this picture taken from below or from before the mill pond dam? Is there still smelt fishing in the creek? Many thanks.


  2. SM Guy

    Another meeting, another winter without ice skating. I must of missed the multiple public meetings, commissions, studies, and historical research that were done before Ebb’s Creek was plowed under west of Fairview….

  3. Rocandroo

    More meetings, more talks and no action. And of course, focusing first on the mainstem of Oak Creek because South Milwaukee can always take a back seat to anyone else. Let’s not delay any more improvements that could possibly happen for Oak Creek. I am so glad our public officials are so productive in all these meetings they have.

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