Crime Alert: Burglaries


From the South Milwaukee Police Department …

The South Milwaukee PD would like to inform the citizens of South Milwaukee that we have taken 3 burglary reports in the past couple weeks. In all 3 burglaries the perpetrator(s) cut a window screen out on a window that was left open. Entry was made into two houses and one garage through the windows where the screen was cut out. In one of the burglaries the perpetrators were scared off by the residents that were home (in bed) at the time. With the cooler weather coming we realize that many of you like to leave windows open, with screens on, to cool your houses. The SMPD wants you to be aware of what is going on and what you can do to prevent things like this from happening to you. If you are going to leave windows open on your residence, utilize the safety locks which only allow the window to open about 4 inches. They are rectangular pieces that are located on each side of the window frame, they pop out to prevent the window from going up all the way. If you do not have windows with these safety features, I would heavily consider not leaving windows open to the screen at night or when you are not home. It appears that the perpetrator(s) are looking specifically at residences that leave windows open on the main level of the residences. It is good practice to lock your windows, door, and vehicles at night time or when you are not around. There are no leads on the perpetrators at this time.

Police tell me the three incidents in question happened in the 500 block of Willow, 2900 block of 15th Avenue, and 2700 block of Fifth Avenue.


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8 responses to “Crime Alert: Burglaries

  1. Teri Bugalski

    Wher in the city did thus occur?

  2. Connie Owen

    What area/s of the city did these burglaries take place?

  3. Shelly

    Are these happening in one particular area in South Milwaukee?

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