Eaton: Making a Commitment to South Milwaukee’s Promising Future

Eaton Corp. has been a strong community partner, a great example of a corporation — like its legacy companies — stepping up make this a better place.

They showed that this weekend.

It started on Friday night, when representatives from the company’s Community Investment Team presented a $40,000 donation to the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center before the SMPAC’s “Simply Swing” show.

And it continued Saturday, as Eaton hosted a heck of a part for its employees and retirees at Grant Park to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the introduction of the automatic circuit recloser.

I love to celebrate “cool stuff made in South Milwaukee,” and I can’t think of something cooler than the recloser, defined as a “circuit breaker equipped with a mechanism that can automatically close the breaker after it has been opened due to a fault. …

“Since many short-circuits on overhead lines clear themselves, a recloser improves service continuity by automatically restoring power to the line after a momentary fault.”

In other words, when you see the lights flicker in a storm, think of Eaton. Even when they go out, think of Eaton — because the products Eaton employees make in South Milwaukee ensure that happens when it’s supposed to happen.

Eaton and its legacy companies — Line Material, Kyle, Cooper — have been a part of South Milwaukee since before World War II, and the future of its 9th Avenue facility is as strong as ever. We celebrate that proud past and promising this weekend and recognize, as I did in the proclamation I presented Saturday, “the legacy of people and products that have played a major role in making our electric power supply more dependable.”

Thanks to the hundreds of employees — thousands before them — for making that happen. Congratulations on 75 years!

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