My Promise: No More Politics Here

Yesterday, I wrote that I support one of the candidates in the 21st Assembly race.

While I stand by my right (and some would argue, duty) to advocate for the candidates who I think will best represent South Milwaukee at other levels of government, I was labeled as “unethical” “low class” in doing so. Others expressed disappointment.

So I am making this pledge today: I’ll avoid making political statements on this forum going forward, and I’ll prevent others from doing the same.

I’ve also removed the reference to the endorsement in the post in question.

I will refocus on what this blog has become — a valued source for news and information for South Milwaukee and the South Shore. I’ll focus locally, sharing what’s happening with city government, police, fire, schools, events and more.

Yes, I will have a (sometimes strong) viewpoint on those issues every now and then. We may disagree, and that’s OK. I hope we can do so amicably.

Communication is a top priority for me as mayor. It’s why I started this blog seven years ago, and why I work hard at it daily.

It’s important to me and, I hope, important to you. Readership shows it is: This blog will top 1 million total page views sometime next year. I thank you for being a part of that growing audience.

And I thank you for your support of this forum.


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14 responses to “My Promise: No More Politics Here

  1. Thank you mayor. Transparency and passing information makes you[mayor`s office] the best ever.

  2. Bryce Ruddock

    Please do however keep us informed as you learn of candidates in local races and to the positions which they espouse so that we the electorate can make informed decisions based upon news that we may not be getting anymore since the community news has been taken over by the big city paper. No need to take sides, just furnish us with the same sort of info you gave about the candidate responses to the education questions. Its important to ourselves and our fellow South Milwaukee residents to know these things. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop regarding these things.

  3. Lee Koch

    Thank you for keeping politics out of your future posts.

  4. Margie Hauke

    I have no problem with you endorsing Jack Redmond or any other candidates. Like Bryce Ruddok pointed out in the above comment, it is important for us the community to hear of any information you or anyone else knows of how how a candidate stands. I know there will always be someone who does not like what you have to say in this blog. I say to them “if you do not like something in this blog it is really easy to hit the delete button”. Please just keep doing what you are doing Mayor and thank you.

  5. I also appreciated the information on the different positions on education. This blog is a good source of information on our community, and that includes where candidates stand on issues that affect South Milwaukee.

    • Thanks, Ann. I will continue to share information on candidates when appropriate. I’ll just refrain from sharing my take on it, lest the name calling begin. I don’t want this blog to become a place for that.

  6. Rose Flores

    I’m sorry my fellow South Milwaukee citizens voiced their opinion in a negative attack style. We all need to engage in respectful communication to make South Milwaukee the best it can be. Thanks for trying to listen to everyone but remember “you can’t please everyone all the time” I also want to hear information about our community and want your opinion. I make my own decisions.

  7. Tammy Broniec

    I value your opinion and this blog!

  8. Connie Mahsem

    If it wasn’t for your blog we would be in the dark about what is happening in our community. You give us more info than the old “Voice Journal”

  9. Greg

    While I think you’re entitled to post your opinion, this is technically your own blog after all, not city owned… I think it was just the wrong time as I’m sure most people, myself included are just so tired of political commercials, posts, and then they got something here, it’s just getting tiring… as I’m now shutting off my tv due to more presidential candidate bashing commercials…

    • Margie Hauke

      Amen to that Greg. I don’t even go on Facebook much anymore except maybe once a week. Then I delete all the political crap. I’m handecaped and I already voted so I don’t need to hear any more politics.

  10. Disco

    There is something missing here in information. Advanced Placement is where High Students take High courses for college credit. I belief the program is becoming the main grade of a school system by potential home buyers. Mr. Redmond said in a private conversation, between his two daughters , they got over 40 college credits from Oak Creek. I wish Mr. Redmond and Ms. Rodriquez would talk about curriculum as well as funding for are school systems. There is also the recent the state mandatory ACT testing which pushes non college bound students into pre college courses. Erik knowing your a reporter by trade , I wish you could interview the candidates on this subject. The result would be true to your goal for this blog, inform and generate ideas.

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