Saying Good-Bye to a Community Institution

I got some sad news this week: Faced with declining and aging membership, the South Milwaukee Women’s Club is disbanding.

Recently, I helped celebrate the club’s 100th anniversary year with this proclamation, and it shows just how significant a mark this organization has left.

From funding the city’s first Christmas tree to creating the Mary C. Nelson Arboretum to supporting our soldiers and veterans to working to improve health care in the area — and much, much more — this group leaves behind a century-long legacy of community service and charity that we still feel to this day.

This organization will be missed. Thank you for your service!


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2 responses to “Saying Good-Bye to a Community Institution

  1. Missy Netzel

    Can we save this??? What can we do??

  2. Nels Monson

    I was truly saddened when I first heard of this a few weeks ago. The SM Woman’s Club has done many wonderful things for our fair city. I believe that South Milwaukee has lost one of its greatest proponents of civic involvement and community service. Thanks for all you have done!!.

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