Stay Informed, and Safe: Sign up for the SMPD’s Crime Alert Service

The South Milwaukee Police Department has worked hard to enhance its communications with residents.

Led by Officers Hill, Shields and Fournier, they’re now active on, and they continue to share valuable crime fighting information via email alerts, where they now regularly share a list of calls for service.

To sign up for the email list, send an email to

This week’s update includes this item …

Please remember to lock your doors to help prevent theft. It is especially important now, with Christmas shopping, that you lock you car door doors and put packages in the trunk so they are out of view. If you purchase expensive items (TVs, computers, appliances, etc) consider not putting the boxes out at the curb, it is an advertisement as to what is inside your house. Take the boxes to the local dump to dispose of them. Also, consider having purchases shipped to your place of work, or other location where they can be received in person, rather than your home to help prevent thefts. Boxes left on doorsteps while you are at work are an easy target for theft.

I also encourage residents to sign up for Neighborhood Watch. Contact Officer Hill at for more information.

And here is the department website.

Stay safe this holiday season!

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One response to “Stay Informed, and Safe: Sign up for the SMPD’s Crime Alert Service

  1. Frank Gratke

    Being a resident 34 years, things recently have changed. The break-ins seam to become more common place. Now, there is some discussion this is part of the drug epidemic, in the greater Milwaukee area. I firmly believe that it is. The drug is heroin, with its derivatives fentanyl and carfentanil. My understanding, a single use is $20 and users use 2 to 7 doses a day. Quoting the police ” they will sell off everything, beg ,and steal for money for their drugs”. The police are doing what they can, but there is some problems. All the jails are full in Milwaukee county, so property crimes the perpetrators are not incardinated. Also, the drug addicts spread the use to relatives, friends and neighbors to help pay for the drugs. The October 24 meeting at Grant Park was a eye opener. I feel that scheduling more meetings would bring awareness. I also feel including our Fire Department,, who treat the overdoses, would add a lot to the meetings.

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