Headlines: Simuncak Featured, More Caterpillar Layoffs and More

Check out these South Shore headlines …

Also, NOW has published a new police blotter.


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2 responses to “Headlines: Simuncak Featured, More Caterpillar Layoffs and More

  1. Don

    Caterpillar Layoffs: South Milwaukee was built on the coal industry. See Bucyrus Erie. People, including the mayor, in SM continue to vote for political candidates who promise to kill the coal industry. They have made it their goal to close all coal related companies and put ‘all’ people related to the coal industry out of work. Yet everyone laments the demise of Caterpillar. Folks, what do you expect? Is this a surprise to you? You’re getting what you voted for. The mayor may want to consider his stand on how he votes or resign from being the mayor of SM. Impossible to have it both ways isn’t it?

  2. Frank Gratke

    I believe it just not the coal issue for caterpillar, especially the South Milwaukee plant..
    Here are some of the other issues:.
    (1) The Dollar vs. the Yen, it makes competing with Japan dfficult.
    (2) The large shovels are being replace with smaller, more environmentally friendly shovels.
    (3) A reported 53 million dollars of incentives from Tucson, Arizona.
    (4) The wide open space outside landlocked cities.
    (5) Subcontracting out the work vs. in-house it..
    (6) Repair parts are reverse engineered vs. ordering from caterpillar.
    (7) A general feeling having your plant and office in the same location leads to better communication.
    My feeling things are not looking good for the Caterpillar plant in South Milwaukee. It is time to start planning what to do.

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