No Injuries in Overnight Fire


From the South Milwaukee Fire Department …

At approximately midnight last night, SMFD rec’d a 9-1-1 call for smoke in one of the units at 404 Bay Heights Road.  Upon arrival, SMFD encountered smoke in Unit C with no apparent cause inside the building.  Investigation on the outside revealed a fire burning behind the siding and inside the wall cavity.  The involved area was exposed and the fire was extinguished. The family that was displaced from the unit had alternative housing arrangements, so the Red Cross was not needed.  The fire remains under investigation at this time.  No injuries to civilians or fire personnel were reported. Due to the extensive overhaul of the fire, the Cudahy Fire Dept. stood by at the South Milwaukee station until personnel could be released from the scene.


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2 responses to “No Injuries in Overnight Fire

  1. Dolores Roberts

    Thank ypou for this Blog. I am a former, born and bred S.Milwkean. I read you comments every day since Milw. Journal changed format. Perhaps some one will remember GRAND DISCOUNT, liquorand sporting goods? My husband. Frank ran it in building that my faythret, James J, Boden had GRAND THEATER. Longtime ago as I am 90 now. Anyonewriting will be answered. thanks again for your work. Dolores E. Roberts

    • Nels Monson

      Hello Dolores,
      Of course I remember Grand Discount! My father used to take us there to buy ice skates. They also had a cool selection of military surplus items. It was one of my favorite places from “back in the day”

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