Stylish Renovation: Another Downtown Business Gets a New Look

I often say our downtown revitalization will happen, and is happening, one building, one business, one building owner at a time.

And this is a really good one.

I had the chance to stop by Styled Aesthetic this morning for a personal tour of their newly renovated store room and work space, and it’s terrific.

Congratulations to Steve, Kyle and their team (they have seven employees now) for their work in giving a facelift to the Rockets Shop and their screen printing business at 918 Milwaukee Ave. We’re blessed to have young entrepreneurs like this in our city — and, in Steve’s case, also an auto racer, team manager and Indy 500 spotter.

(Ask him about his racing career next time you stop in.)

Also, I want to give a shoutout to building owner Steve Fenno. With the investments continues to make in this building and Jen’s Sweet Treats across the street, he is more than doing his part to bring South Milwaukee’s city center back to life. Thanks, Steve.

Learn more about Styled Aesthetic on their website and Facebook page


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One response to “Stylish Renovation: Another Downtown Business Gets a New Look

  1. James Hogden

    City name change?
    I recommend Beach, WI
    I’ve some authority (English Major U.W. Hyphen Milwaukee) & in my continued pursuits as a linguist, (Stanford, MOOP et al.) please allow the reflection that we somehow need to accelerate our identity as a Great Small Town upon the perimeter of a Great Lake. Subjected to all of the competitive options challenging similar ‘would be magnet destinations.’ Why not rebrand ourselves Beach, WI ? Plans would include a ‘fire tower observatory’ straddling the Grant Park winding road high enough to telescope say, 40 miles east. Certainly those quaint trolley cars would have a magnanimous stretch this far south; and full kudos to the blood, sweat and tears of our proud heritage. I just do not see that we would diminish our pride and, at the end of the day, current cyber-connectivity would allow efficient Add to dictionary e.g.: BEACH, WI* f/k/a South Milwaukee, WI
    A plethora of sloganeering eg:
    Clean Not Mean Streets
    Enough Sand for that Special Love Letter
    Flyin’ Sailn’ Never Failin’
    Beach & Agape
    Surf’s Up, Turf’s Tuff
    B-EACH-WI (italics implied)
    joy, love & peace
    Beach, WI to each their own
    Thanks to all for this opportunity to communicate!

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