Investing in Fresh Water: “This is Our Legacy”


Thursday, I had the honor of welcoming the Wisconsin Wastewater Operators Association to South Milwaukee, as more than 100 wastewater professionals gathered at the Knights of Columbus for their meeting.

My topic: All the investments we’re making in fresh water in South Milwaukee.

As I said, “Water is our heritage. It’s in our DNA as a city, and we have a responsibility to make sure we’re protecting that resource for our residents today, and preserving it for the future. This is our legacy we’re talking about, and we’ll be judged based on how we care for this most important of resources. … As mayor of this city, I need to make sure we’re investing in fresh water for the long term, investing in sustainable solutions that will leave future generations proud of what we have done.”

And we are, led by the work of our wastewater and water utility workers. In the image with this post, I’m standing next to Andy Bakalarski and Ben Huffman from our Wastewater Treatment Facility, and Doug Fischer, from our South Milwaukee Water Utility. We couldn’t deliver the level of service we do without the work of their teams.

Here are my full remarks.


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4 responses to “Investing in Fresh Water: “This is Our Legacy”

  1. Dave Giordano

    Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network would like to thank Mayor Brooks and the City of South Milwaukee for their commitment to improving water quality. We appreciate the support they have given to better protect the Oak Creek and Wind Point watersheds.

  2. Karl Lonngren


    I read your recent blog dealing with water in South Milwaukee. I remember there was a natural spring of fantastic water flowing from the cliff near the swimming beach in the 1950s. I was wondering if it is still flowing and is drinkable?

    I look forward to your reply.


    • Nels Monson

      Hi Karl,
      I know what spring you are talking about. There are remnants of the footpath leading to it still there, but it is fairly overgrown with trees and bushes. The springs does seem to be still flowing, not sure of its drinkability.

  3. Cory

    We don’t drink South Milwaukee water as it smells and leaves such bad stains in our bathtub that it requires constant cleaning. Is SM water only as clean as the pipes leading to your house? I don’t know.

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