Crime Alert: Home Intruder

Updated to reflect the correct location: 3800 block of Harmony.

From the South Milwaukee Police Department …

On 02/15/17 at about 7:05a.m. SMPD Officers responded to the 3800blk of Harmony Lane for a reported intruder inside a residence, who subsequently fled.  Officers responded and were unable to locate the suspect.  The suspect is described as a white male, in his 40’s, 6′, 190#, with a goatee or beard, wearing a brown sweatshirt with black stripes, and a red winter hat with a puff ball on it.  No one was hurt and nothing was taken during the incident. 

A person was stopped in the area and identified, but determined to not be the suspect. 

This case is still under investigation and information about the suspect is being sought.  If you see someone who matches the description or if you have information, please call the SMPD at 414-768-8060

You can receive email alerts this in your email inbox. Email Officer Mike Hill to get on the crime alert email list.



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8 responses to “Crime Alert: Home Intruder

  1. SM Guy

    Thanks for the info. Where is that exactly? I thought Edgewood was an east-west street one block north of Forest Hill – so it would only go up to maybe the 1800 block?

  2. Indeed, it was Harmony. The police and I have corrected it.

  3. Ken Rugaber


    I am down south on vacation and just got this email. That cannot be a correct address. If Edgewood goes all the way to Nicholson it would only be in the 1900 or 2000 something.

    Ken Rugaber

  4. Melanie

    Thank you for the information, mayor

  5. Wendy

    We are the homeowners. The man was wearing a tan and black plaid coat and red hat. He was seen in my home by our 9 year old. Later it was discovered that he took 2 of the kids piggy banks.
    Please be vigilant.

  6. van smack

    There is no Harmony Avenue in South Milwaukee. Just a Harmony Lane.

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