Sound and Simple Safety Advice: Keep Your Lights On

A note from South Milwaukee Police Officer Mike Hill …

After working a 4a-8a morning shift recently, I was able to make an observation that working dayshift hours does not allow. I was surprised by the number of houses that have no exterior lighting on during the night/morning hours. Driving through your neighborhoods and trying to see if garage doors were open, people in driveways or going through yards was almost impossible given the darkness. I would pass three houses with no lights on, and find one with lights on. If I were up to no good, I know which house I would avoid and which houses were easier for me to hide in the darkness. What I also noticed is that house numbers were impossible to read. If you needed medical/fire/police assistance to your house, and we can’t see your numbers, that can slow down response times! Lighting is one of the most effective and cheapest ways to prevent and/or reduce crime. Please turn your lights on at night!


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3 responses to “Sound and Simple Safety Advice: Keep Your Lights On

  1. jhayslett

    We have exterior motion lights. Never though about police patrols watching for open garages, etc., in the dark. Officer Hill is right about lack of visible house numbers. That’s a dreadful situation throughout the greater Milwaukee area. Almost as bad as the lack of street sign. Some intersections in Milwaukee and South Milwaukee have no street signs at all. When they are present, they are inconsistently placed. One reason I dislike driving anywhere I’m not familiar with, particularly at night, is trying to spot street signs and house/business street numbers. People here practically boo me when I mention where I lived before, but where I lived before, intersecting streets were marked by overhead, signs with reflective letters and house/business numbers were posted in black on curbs in front of each house/business/apartment building. I’m very glad Officer Hill and other members of the police department are watching out for us and that they care.

  2. Ken Lauffer

    Good comment! We have dusk to dawn lights near all our doors and on two pole lights. Especially with LEDs, they cost practically nothing to run. Ken Lauffer

  3. Elliott

    Too much light pollution can disturb the ecosystem – from the bugs that feed our songbirds to the coyotes finding rabbits more easily in our well-lit neighborhoods – please make sure exterior lighting is shielded and facing downward. Longer wavelength red/yellow tinted light is less visible to many species, but luckily for humans, burglars and house numbers show up just fine in yellow light.

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