Improving Communication: Making City Information More Accessible

If you haven’t noticed, we continue to make improvements to our city website, in an effort to improve communications with residents and others.

For starters, we’ve redesigned the front page and menu structure to make it more user friendly and easier to read and navigate. It’s also more visually appealing.

I’m most excited about one recent upgrade: a partnership with General Code that has made our municipal code much easier to navigate, and improved the presentation of our archived meeting minutes and city budgets.

The code improvements are the most significant.

Gone are the days of navigating PDF documents hoping to find information on city ordinances. Now, it’s all easily searchable, printable and shareable on email and social media, among other enhancements.

Here is a release from the city clerk’s office …

South Milwaukee, WI – As part of the City’s overall efforts to improve services to its citizens, South Milwaukee has put its complete municipal code online. To use the new electronic version of the Code, visit the City’s website at

The new online Code provides convenient access to the City’s ordinances in a feature-rich format that has been specifically designed for optimal viewing on desktops and laptops as well as smartphones and tablet devices. Partnering with General Code, the innovative leader in municipal codification, the City’s online Code offers the most flexible access for its citizens from any location – at home, at work or on-the-go.

Designed to be easy-to-use and search-friendly, the user experience is intuitive, elegant and highly functional. By simply entering a keyword or two, search results will provide the information needed within seconds.

“Our new online Code is one more valuable tool for our citizens to gain access to the information they need, when they need it,” says Jim Shelenske, City Clerk. “We upload minutes and budgets going back to 2011, and will be adding agendas, resolutions, ordinances and other public documents for easy searching and public access. Convenient, free access to our Code of Laws benefits our citizens, our officials, business leaders and others who want to do business in our city.”

General Code is a Rochester, NY-based company whose technological innovations are designed to support municipal efforts to deliver service excellence in an increasingly digital and mobile world. The City of South Milwaukee joins with more than 1,900 other municipal governments providing technologically advanced online Code access via General Code’s exclusive eCode360® service in order to offer more effective and efficient constituent service.

Access to the City’s eCode is available at

There is also an eCode app you can download on Apple and Android devices.

Thanks to City Clerk Shelenske for his work on this. As mayor, I will always get behind efforts that improve how we communicate with our residents. This is the latest example.


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3 responses to “Improving Communication: Making City Information More Accessible

  1. Don

    When are we going to accept charge cards?

  2. Don: I asked our city clerk’s office for their answer to this question, and here is what they said … “Currently, real estate and personal property taxes can be paid by credit card, debit card, or e-Check through Official Payments Corporation (link is on city’s website). Fees are assessed to user for these services, not to City. In addition, a person’s online bill pay program with their individual financial institution can be used for various payments including water/sewer bills at no charge.”

  3. Bruno

    Water/sewer bill is the only check I write now. Why not the City have an online payment link on the City Website for residents to pay directly by either debit card or providing bank routing and account number. Let’s get into the 21st Century!!! Other municipalities have it!

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