Happy Anniversary, Pink Bunny Games!

Happy fifth anniversary, Pink Bunny Games!

There was a great turnout for their celebration and ribbon cutting on Saturday.

‘Thanks to the South Milwaukee Community & Business Association and state Rep. Jonathan Brostoff for being a part of this special day, as we celebrate yet another small, independent business choosing to locate and grow in South Milwaukee.

Damien opened the store in 2012 as a way to get his collection out of the living room — and now he is eyeing expansion. Here’s to 50 more years in South Milwaukee!

By the way, here is the story on the name, from their Facebook page

This story is really a two parter. The first part, I used to be what you would call a backpack dealer of Magic cards. This means that I would travel to events all around the midwest and trade cards for a profit with people at those events. There were several other people that did the same thing as myself, and we all sort of hung out with each other at the events.

The next part had really nothing to do with my Magic dealings. My girlfriend Ericka, had ordered a coat online. When the coat arrived, it did not look like the picture on the internet. The one that arrived was shaped like a big square, while the one pictured online was shaped like a woman. She was going to send it back, but I asked how much it cost her. It was only $20, so I told her to keep it and I would wear it. The coat in question was a fluffy, furry Pink coat.

Now back to my side gig as a backpack dealer. Magic was almost all males at the time, it is still a lot more males than females now, but we are moving in the right direction. Back then however, a room with 1000+ Magic players likely had less than 10 women in its population. Back then, I started wearing this fluffy Pink coat. I was just wearing it to be that goofy guy that did abnormal stuff, but what I didn’t realize, was that I was creating a brand. When a player walked into that room with 1000 people in it and had to find one of us backpack dealers to get that last card for his deck, I stood out like a sore thumb. It was fairly easy to pick out the fluffy Pink coat in a room full of guys.

All of the backpack dealers had nicknames for each other, and mine was Pink Bunny, due to my coat resembling the energizer bunny. I wore that coat for several years before it had to be retired, but the nickname has been with me ever since.

Fast forward a few years, and I had made the decision to open a store, rather than continue working out of my apartment. When decidinbg what to name the store, I made the decision that a descriptive name was not as good as a memorable name. I could have been Game Store, or Game Emporium, but if you looked at a list of generic sounding names, mine would dissappear into the mix as soon as you got to the next page, however, a name like Pink Bunny Games would stick with you, it would stand out, much like the fluffy Pink coat did for me so long ago.

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