Reforesting South Milwaukee, Together

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I am proud of the progress we’re making in urban forestry in South Milwaukee, especially when it comes to tree planting. While we’ve removed hundreds of dead and dying trees in the city in recent years, with more to come, we are also making replanting a priority. We need to.

Here are two recent examples of this commitment coming to life: A new Adopt-a-Tree program and the ongoing partnership with the South Milwaukee School District around Arbor Day.

First, Adopt-a-Tree. The program, developed by the Beautification Committee and the engineering office, was launched this spring, and is a partnership between property owners and the city to plant trees in the city right of way.

We offered 50 trees as part of the program, and more than three dozen property owners signed up. That leaves about 10 trees available, as we now make the program available citywide.

Learn more about the initiative here. From the program brochure …

The Beautification Committee’s mission is to promote, encourage and work to enhance the beauty of the City of South Milwaukee. The new Adopt-A-Tree program will help improve neighborhoods by replacing some of the many trees lost to the emerald ash borer, other diseases, storm damage and age. The Common Council has agreed to fund this trial program for 2017 with 50 trees. It is available to residentially zoned properties, and trees will be planted at approved planting sites based on our tree inventory and suitability. …

All trees will have at least a 2” diameter trunk and be between 8-12 feet tall. These are street trees and must be placed between the curb and sidewalk or within 4 feet of the curb where there is no sidewalk. The cost of each installed tree plus the items listed below is estimated to be $400-500 depending on the size, species and bid prices. However, much of this cost will be funded by the City of South Milwaukee, through the program.

Indeed, the cost to the property owner is just $100.

Interested in taking part? Sign up by May 15. Trees will be planted in the right of way by June 30, and a certified arborist with pick the species of tree to be planted. One tree per property.

We’re also proud of our Arbor Day partnership with the school district.

Tree plantings start this week at the four elementary schools in what is the third year of the program.

These efforts — along with our work in December along 10th Avenue, and in other areas — show our commitment to our urban forest. I am excited we can creatively continue to invest in this important service.


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5 responses to “Reforesting South Milwaukee, Together

  1. Mary Ellen Mikulay

    Would you pay $100 for a tree:


  2. If we needed a tree, I would. It’s a good bargain for residents. These are $300-400 trees, and we plant it for you.

  3. Betsy A.

    I agree with our mayor that with the mature size both in height and root ball, and having the trees correctly planted and watered in, this is a pretty great deal and an excellent way to reforest our diminished streetscapes. But, it should be known that smaller caliper trees specially grown in pots can often be installed by homeowners themselves, and are available throughout Milwaukee, Racine and Ozaukee county nurseries. I encourage all to consider creating a healthy, shade producing tree canopy anew.

  4. Lauren

    Will the city be offering this program again this year?

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