Private School Voucher Forum Planned for May 16

From the South Milwaukee Education Association …

The public is invited to a forum about the impact of private school vouchers on neighborhood public schools at 6 p.m., Tuesday, May 16, at South Milwaukee High School.  Presenters at the Community Forum on Private School Vouchers will include representatives of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the South Milwaukee School Board, Schools and Communities United and the Wisconsin State Legislature.

The number of private schools taking tax dollars has expanded significantly since the stateside voucher program was expanded four years ago, resulting in a loss of millions of dollars from neighborhood public schools – including in South Milwaukee and the area. Many public schools are forced to increase class sizes, reduce student opportunities, lay off teachers, and cut arts and after-school programs because of the loss in funding.

Nearly 300 private schools in Wisconsin are registered to get tuition subsidies in the coming school year through the statewide voucher system. The governor’s budget plan estimates the state’s voucher programs are expected to cost taxpayers about $263 million in 2017-18.



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4 responses to “Private School Voucher Forum Planned for May 16

  1. Melanie

    Of course, the same ol’, same ol’ scare tactic; cut extra curricular activities, teachers, and the arts, because there is absolutely no where to cut. No redundancy whatsoever. Next comes the referendum to hike property taxes that will be voted on and voted on until it passes, kinda like the 42 million dollar referendum for the high school which is not paid off yet.

    • Bruno

      Unfortunately Melanie the Council has not looked into privatization of services such as Garbage to save taxpayers money. St. Francis has done it and last year Cudahy has done it. There are also many municipalities that let the residents select their own collection company. Years ago we looked at outsourcing payroll services which could have saved the City significant dollars and give the employee the choice of direct deposit at that time when they did not have it and a former City Clerk did not to pursue it. I am hoping that Gov. Walker will tighten the increases that a municipality can raise taxes.

  2. Joe

    Speaking of hiking property taxes, look in your mail for a questionnaire regarding the budget shortfalls for Fire, EMS, and Police service. One of the proposals is a referendum on a ballot to increase property taxes for these services. Also note, that the tax increases being proposed are ‘annual’ increases.

    Fire, EMS, and Police are important services, but annual increases in property taxes, year over year, with no end stated in the questionnaire, is not a sustainable method of generating revenue.

    Read and respond to that questionnaire very carefully. Your ability to be able to afford to live in SM in the next decades may depend on the outcome of this difficult financing situation and taxation model.

  3. Melanie Poser

    “No end stated” nice

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