On the Heritage Days Parade

By now, you may have seen coverage of the alleged embezzlement of more than $17,000 from the South Milwaukee Heritage Days Parade, by its former treasurer.

Here is my statement …

The Heritage Days Parade is not a city government event. Still, I am aware of the charges against the former parade committee treasurer.

I want to thank the South Milwaukee Police Department for their thorough and professional handling of this case.

The Heritage Days Parade remains a terrific local event, and I wish them well on a great parade this summer, and beyond. I have spoken to the parade organizers and am convinced they are enacting the proper safeguards to ensure this type of activity does not happen again. The parade committee remains strong.

The city will continue to support the parade in any way we can, and we thank the volunteers who are committed to bringing this event to life this and every summer. I encourage the community to do the same. 

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