Level III: Endorsing the Great Work of the South Milwaukee Health Department

Level III award

The South Milwaukee Health Department is first-class, but don’t take my word for it. Ask the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.

The state agency just awarded our department Level III status, making us the first community in the state to jump from a Level I department to a Level III.

The South Milwaukee Common Council recognized the status at its meeting on Tuesday.

Of the 86 local departments in the state, 30 are considered Level III departments. I’m proud to say we are one of them, thanks first and foremost to our great staff.

How did we get there? If you want more detail, there is plenty of it here.

Put simply, all Level III departments must provide or arrange for all six basic public health services to the community:

  • Communicable disease surveillance, prevention and control
  • Generalized public health nursing program
  • Health promotion
  • Disease prevention
  • Human health hazard prevention and control
  • Occupational and environmental disease and exposure prevention

Also, a Level III local health department shall provide or arrange for at least 14 programs and services that address at least seven health priorities in the current state health plan (Healthiest Wisconsin 2020), and show evidence of their effectiveness.

In other words, achieving this status isn’t easy. Keeping it won’t be either.

That is why I look forward to finding new ways to invest in this service going forward. We will do all we can to maintain this high standard.

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