Coming Sunday: Food Trucks

Food Trucks 2016

From Rotary Club of Mitchell Field … see you Sunday!

Food Trucks Returning to South Milwaukee on May 21

As the weather warms and summer approaches, one of the first food truck events of the season will be held on Sunday, May 21 in South Milwaukee. Up to 15 food trucks will be serving food from noon to 4 p.m. while Crossing, a local classic rock cover band, plays favorites at the downtown market square. The event is being organized by the Rotary Club of Mitchell Field with support from Educators Credit Union.

“It was a fun event that drew thousands of people last year,” said Rotarian Sue Hebner, coordinator of the event. “Our Rotary club was looking for ways to be more visible in the communities it serves. When I heard the food truck event needed someone to sponsor it, I talked to our club members and they were excited about running it. Any money we make will go back to those local communities as Rotary grants and scholarships.”

Food will range from perennial favorites like pizza, burgers, barbecue sandwiches and fried chicken to Hispanic, Jamaican and Filipino cuisines plus sweet treats like waffles and donuts. Beverages will be sold by the Rotary Club of Mitchell Field. The family-focused event will not sell any alcohol.

Food trucks scheduled to attend the event include Bebe’s Bistro, Denson’s Catering, Emerald City Catering, Happy Dough Lucky, Hidden Kitchen MKE, Jamaican Kitchen & Grill, Jon Deez Grill, Little Havanah Express, Meat on the Street, Olana’s Empanades, Pig Tailz MKE, Press, Streetza Pizza, Truck Meister and Yellow Bellies.

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2 responses to “Coming Sunday: Food Trucks

  1. Amber Unger

    We are bummed we missed this one! Will there be another?

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