Sex Offender Notification: Bruce Heintz

From the South Milwaukee Police Department …



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7 responses to “Sex Offender Notification: Bruce Heintz

  1. Melanie Poser

    This is terrible news. The man is homeless and a sex offender??? Should be fun trying to keep tabs on this guy.

  2. Mary Ellen Mikulay

    Maybe you can read this??

    Bruce Heinz — July, 1949

    > >

  3. Todd

    He is going to be homeless and they are releasing him into our community?
    Does that seem odd to anyone else

    • Many sex offenders are forced to be homeless when they are released because restrictions don’t allow them to live near schools, parks, churches, etc.

  4. Bryan Lorentzen

    What is this about. He is homeless? Why would he be dropped off in SM and he’s homeless?

    Bryan Lorentzen


    • SM Guy

      He should at least go to some place that has homeless shelters and other services – where he could register with an address.

  5. Evyan

    This guy is from the city of Milwaukee. Born and raised in the city. He then moved to the cute suburb of south Milwaukee and committed his crime. He should be allowed back in Milwaukee. It is disgusting to see a bad guy in a small warming town. Please try to get him to a homeless shelter. 85% of the houses in south Milwaukee are really nice/cute/historic. We don’t want to see him.

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