Check out these South Shore headlines …

Also, NOW has published new police blotters here and here.


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3 responses to “Headlines!

  1. Melanie Poser

    Heres a headline, “l hate We Energies.”

  2. Erica Argent

    Do you think that South Milwaukee has space for bigger home development? Will bigger houses be built here?

  3. Erica Argent

    The area by the marina cliff apartments could be a good area for houses. My friend is moving into SM and she would like to build a house here but there are no open lots. I also want to move here as wellI’ve browsed the area here and that area by the lake can be a nice open space for another neighborhood in south Milwaukee. Would that be a good idea? There are EXTREMELY beautiful houses in south Milwaukee but they are not for sale. Open land could be a very nice neighborhood development.

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