A Word on Fireworks, and July 4th


A reminder from the South Milwaukee Police Department …

The City of South Milwaukee Police Department will have extra officers in Grant Park during the July 4th celebration. The officers will adopt a zero tolerance policy for persons discharging any type or size firework while in the park. There will be no warnings. If you discharge fireworks in the park, you will be cited, and the fireworks will be confiscated. The fine/forfeiture for fireworks violation in the park is $313.00.

The purpose of the enforcement is not to write more tickets, but to discourage the hazardous situations that are created when untrained citizens bring fireworks that launch flaming and exploding projectiles into the park. These fireworks are then ignited and launched from sections of lawn packed with citizens almost shoulder to shoulder. The persons lighting the fireworks have no idea where they will fly or when they will explode. The sizes of the fireworks coming into the park are getting bigger and more dangerous every year. In recent years blankets of uninvolved persons have been burned by flaming debris and a rocket landed and exploded in an unoccupied baby stroller. There are almost no fireworks that are lawful to discharge in a county park or anywhere else in the City of South Milwaukee.The South Milwaukee Police Department encourages citizens to come to the park, enjoy the fireworks display provided by the City, and use their own fireworks at another time, when it is safe and lawful to do so. The Department would also like to encourage people to drink responsibly, and not to drink and drive.


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9 responses to “A Word on Fireworks, and July 4th

  1. Melissa Ollmann

    blockquote, div.yahoo_quoted { margin-left: 0 !important; border-left:1px #715FFA solid !important; padding-left:1ex !important; background-color:white !important; } Erik I love the flyer!  Great picture of the boys.

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  2. SM Guy

    Interesting that they keep saying the enforcement is “in the park”, with only one minor reference to it being illegal everywhere else in the city. That makes it sound like sending them up on your neighbors roof isn’t a real problem unless they happen to complain.

    • annoyed on Lakeview ave.

      I would like to know that too, Last year it was someone on Noel Dr. that was doing some big ones that scared all the dogs in the area, The cop shop said no one was available to respond to the report.

  3. Britney J

    Mayor brooks, will the city be getting rid of the abandoned gas station on 10th Ave by Metalcut industries and the SM post office? And maybe add a restaurant or shop? Please respond back.

    • Rachel

      I’ve asked this question 3 yrs ago when I moved here. It’s such an eye sore. If we can’t get a shop to move in, gut it, and create a green space.

  4. John Tangen

    So with the exception(?) of “snakes” what fireworks ARE allowed in this city? Since you erased may other comment perhaps you can answer this one.

    • I’ll find out and get back to you. I erased your other comment per my comment policy listed on the front of the blog.

      • John Tangen

        Mr. Mayor, why would you not have that information already and posted in your original blog post? Would your posting after the holiday when the great vast majority of non compliance would occur be not the equivalent of locking the stable door after the horses got out?

        I have tried looking at the muni code but with the reworking and rewording I can no longer find the relevant info. It used to be spelled out there.

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