It’s Now Illegal to Park in Front of Mailboxes … and It’s About Time

The South Milwaukee City Council passed an ordinance outlawing parking in front of mailboxes in June, and clarified the ordinance around street parking of trailers, boats and related vehicles.

Check out the updated mailbox and trailer parking ordinances on our new, searchable municipal ordinance database tool. Enter “mailbox” in the search box.

And please obey the law!


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9 responses to “It’s Now Illegal to Park in Front of Mailboxes … and It’s About Time

  1. Bob

    Thats what we need is more ordinances . The police can’t keep track of all that were passed . Maybe we should have an. ordinance that dogs can’t pee in your yard unless they get permission , Seems like people walking their dogs down the street have total disregard for others property , Maybe they should outlaw dogs . You outlawed pit bulls already , Right ??

  2. Bob

    Better yet a ordinance should be passed that people use “common sense” in what they do . This would cover everthing and could elliminate alot of other ordinance .

  3. Melanie

    Very important

  4. If this is a new ordinance maybe a letter to all residents necessary. Many do not get blog or go on social media .

    • Bob

      Put notice in next South Milwaukee Neighborhood Guide regarding new ordinances !
      Also the NEW recycling policy . People were never informed that paper wan be put in loose . No longer needs to be bagged or bound. Also the rule that NO PLASTIC BAGS in recycling should be emphasized . My tenants keep putting plastic bags in recycling.
      Maybe SM should BAN plastic bags like Seattle and California did . They blow all over the landfill and roadways.

  5. UpNorth

    It doesn’t pay to spend the money to let the residents know of the ordinance. The people that don’t park in front of the mailboxes are the ones that would read the notice and the ones that abuse the parking won’t read the notice and if they did read the notice they will think that it doesn’t apply to them. Same people that gets notices on their garbage cans for not placing them correctly think that notice isn’t for them and that it is for someone else even though the notice was placed on theirs.

    With that being said I wish there was a place to be notified of these changes. I miss the written local paper where people use to go to read what’s happening.

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