What’s Your Story? Community Storytelling Workshop Scheduled


From the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center, as they prepare for their “Ex Fabula: Risking It” show on Nov. 17 …

I love the unique performances the SMPAC brings to this city. Things like this challenge us artistically, and as a community. Well done!

Storytelling Workshop
Sat., Sept. 23, 10am-noon @SMPAC
Open to the community. No fee.

What’s your story? We’ll help you tell it.

Learn from an experienced storytelling coach through small group exercises about:

  • Finding your story: Why storytelling is important & how to select a great story.
  • Crafting your story: How to structure your story for maximum impact.
  • Telling your story: Tips to practice before sharing your story with others. You may decide to audition to tell your story live at “Risking It” on Nov. 17.

Ages 18 and up.

Space is limited. Registration required by Sept. 20. Call 766-5049 now.

More information here.

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One response to “What’s Your Story? Community Storytelling Workshop Scheduled

  1. Frank Gratke

    I will need help with this story. Linking Mill Pond in South Milwaukee, to the 1973 Supreme Court Rowe vs. Wade decision on abortion limits..

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