Welcome to South Milwaukee, Your Newest Bird City

183908_133779380025433_2803978_nWelcome to Bird City!

I’m proud to announce that South Milwaukee has been selected as a Bird City by Bird City Wisconsin, a partnership led by the Bird Protection Fund of the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin and the Milwaukee Audubon Society.

From our city website

The City of South Milwaukee is committed to making our community healthy for birds and people, and is proud to be a designated Bird City Wisconsin. The City is part of an important migratory flyway, and also provides vital nesting habitat for many species. Lake Michigan, the Oak Creek Parkway, Grant Park, the Mill Pond, and perhaps even your back yard are all appreciated by people and birds alike.

Today, we celebrate that, as we join more than 90 other communities across the state with this designation. Look for events, signage and more opportunities for us to celebrate our newfound status and take pride in what makes our city special.

I thank local birder Rita Wiskowski for her work on the application, and for the photos in this post. She, along with many others in the area, has a passion for birding that helped deliver this well-deserved recognition.


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6 responses to “Welcome to South Milwaukee, Your Newest Bird City

  1. robert procter

    I’m so happy we’re a bird city. It leaves me breathless.

    • Please check the sarcasm at the door. We should celebrate all of the good things about South Milwaukee, and this is one of them. We are a well-known as a bird flyway. It’s about time we’re recognized for it.

  2. Melanie

    We do have the best birds.

  3. This is cool! I keep a life list of the birds I’ve seen and identified, and that began right here as a kid in Grant Park with my dad. People might not realize how many species of birds are right here in their own backyard.

  4. Betsy

    An incredible sight on Wednesday evening: encouraged by a fast approaching storm system from the north, many hundreds and perhaps thousands of Nighthawks swooped over the City and lakefront along a southerly trajectory, scooping up their weight in insects as they headed to their South American wintering grounds. This is repeated pattern – scientists suggest for nearly fourteen thousand years since glaciers receded and our landscape greened up again – and part of the reproduction cycle shared by millions of birds annually. Tim speaks truth that we really might not realize the diversity that is represented in our yards and on our unique flyway. Bravo that we join other state and lakefront cities in this recognition. We are an important lifeline.

  5. Christine

    Love this! And our wildlife! Obviously we have to be vigilant with our pets but nature never ceases to amaze me. I always have food out for the birds.

    As for the sarcasm, it’s a warning sign as who NOT to do business with!

    TY Rita for your work.

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