New Medical Office Building Proposed for 15th and College


I’m excited about the new development happening across this city.

The latest example: A $7 million medical office building proposed to replace the former home to Aurora Healthcare/Lakeshore Medical at 15th and College.

The story broke in today’s BizTimes, after city officials met with the developer last week. From the story …

William Ochowicz, of Pewaukee-based Healthcare Real Estate Solutions, is planning the 26,000-square-foot speculative medical center at College and 15th avenues. The building will include underground parking for 28 cars.

Ochowicz’s partner in the $7 million venture, New York-based property owner Amir Wasiullah, is hoping to lease the space to independent physicians.

“We are targeting physicians who do not have an affiliation, like allergists, optometrists and psychologists,” Ochowicz said.

As hospital systems have merged over the years, more and more physician groups have affiliated with systems there are fewer independent doctors. Still, the Milwaukee-based Independent Physicians Network provides services for about 900 independent physicians in the Milwaukee area, according to its website. The building might also end up being purchased by one of the health care systems wanting to have or expand its presence in the South Milwaukee/Cudahy market, Ochowicz said.

This is exciting news for South Milwaukee, and the proposal comes as ground is expected to be broken soon on a $1.4 million facility on 11th and College to house South Shore Family Chiropractic.

And that’s just the start. More significant (re)development news is coming soon.

Promising future, indeed!


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3 responses to “New Medical Office Building Proposed for 15th and College

  1. Pajewski

    There are two things that I would like to suggest in light of recent developments in South Milwaukee under your leadership. It seems there could be a word added/changed to our city slogan: Proud Past. Promising Progressive Future.
    I also have noticed young skaters and cyclists around town practicing a variety of jumps, turns, tricks, et cetera, in locations that may not be safe or appropriate. Have you considered looking into the development of a skate/cycle park area with ramps and other equipment where young people could hone their skills under safe and controlled conditions?

    • I have not pursued development of a skate or bike park, but have certainly taken notice of tne the success of these in other communities. I’d love to see this bubble up from a group of local residents vs. it being top down. That has been a successful formula in other communities.

  2. christina koronkowski ruszczynski

    I am no longer a SM resident but lived and grew up there for 20 years. I am pleased with how active you are within that community and appreciate the many pictures and posts, they bring back memories. Go Rockets!! Class of ’80.

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