Patience, Please: Changes Coming Monday to Rawson Pickup, Dropoff

For Rawson Elementary School families, those who live in the area or those who travel in and around Rawson during the early morning or mid-afternoon, changes are coming on Monday around student dropoff and pickup.

rawson_SMHere is a video of what is happening, as school officials seek to increase safety in and around the campus. The city is also making some changes to parking zones around the school.

I thank new Rawson Principal Nicole Horsley and other school district leaders for driving these changes, and working to improve a challenging situation — something I have seen firsthand as the parent of one current and one former Rawson student.

Please be patient!


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5 responses to “Patience, Please: Changes Coming Monday to Rawson Pickup, Dropoff

  1. Patricia Walter

    I think it’s gonna cause a traffic jam. Especially for people going to work. Watch for road rage.

  2. Melanie

    My daughter has two children at Blakewood and she fears for their lives everyday.

  3. Pug

    I remember when kids walked to school.

  4. When they staggered start times for schools traffic was a little better the Hs/Ms is a mess from all directions

  5. Michael Hundt

    When is Hawthorne going to be finished?

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