Breaking Ground on Growth for Two Local Small Businesses

South Milwaukee’s future will be built on the foundation of small businesses like South Shore Family Chiropractic and South Milwaukee Family Dental.

That’s what made today’s groundbreaking of their new facility so special — we were celebrating a successful investment in their growth, and ours.

With today’s ceremony, the $1.5 million project on 11th and College, just down the road from the leased spaces both businesses currently occupy, is now officially underway. And, weather permitting, it will move quickly.

The 6,300 square-foot building, being developed by Dr. Steven Scheuing of the chiropractic clinic, is expected to open in February. It is being built on a combination of previously city-owned land and an adjoining previously privately owned parcel that once housed Sahagian Auto Body.

The project is years in the making.

I remember meeting several years ago with Dr. Steven to discuss his future in our city, and it’s exciting to see him bring this from dream to reality. He had other options. He chose to stay in South Milwaukee, and grow in South Milwaukee.

Today, we celebrate that, and the fact that this is just the latest example of the positive redevelopment we’re bringing to this city.

There are more to come.


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5 responses to “Breaking Ground on Growth for Two Local Small Businesses

  1. Marge Lower

    Best to all in this new venture and space. Grow SM as we can.

  2. Michael Hundt

    Both businesses would have fit in nicely in the former Bucyrus offices…

  3. gary d jacobson sr

    How much did this cost the Taxpayers as it falls in the never endimg TIF district.:(

  4. Frank Millpond Gratke

    The decision to use TIF money, to me, took determination from the Mayor. It is not easy to take on all the flak that comes from every TIF project. The one very positive thing, to me, that it is not a fast food joint! A lot of Oak Creek people have said “what is being done, to their city, is just to much”.

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