Who Wants a Little Free Library? (And Please Consider Donating Posts and Shingles to Help)


We’re bringing back a really fun initiative from a couple years ago — one that brings together public and private partners to advance local literacy.

Local woodworker Larry Oleson is making 12 more Little Free Libraries, and we want to to give them away to South Milwaukee residents.

Interested? Email me at erikbrooks32@gmail.com, and let me know why we should add your name to the list. I don’t need a thesis — just a sentence or three on your plans for the library and why it would make a great fit for your neighborhood.

Please email me by Nov. 1. 

I want to thank our partners for their support of this.

  • That list starts with Larry. He has been so gracious to lend his talents to this twice now. He is making these for free, and this couldn’t happen without him.
  • South Milwaukee Library. As in 2015, they donated all the wood for the libraries, from their collection of retired bookshelves.
  • South Milwaukee Ace Hardware. They are donating a number of materials for the project, including the doors and windows, hinges and latches, nails, screws and more. Very cool.

And we need your help! We are still looking for donations of 12 posts, and shingles for the library roofs. Please consider stepping up to help. 


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3 responses to “Who Wants a Little Free Library? (And Please Consider Donating Posts and Shingles to Help)

  1. Pat Gerasch

    Great idea..I love to read and have many books…thanks for starting program again..Larry is our neighbor and is a wonderful generous friend also… He has done jobs for us and does beautiful work…

  2. Margie Hauke

    Wonderful idea. I have a sister that uses those little library’s all the time. Always putting books in and taking books out.

  3. Frank Millpond Gratke

    What about having a build a Library contest?. There are a ;lot of us want to be carpenters. Should have a size and height requirement.. . .

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