Headlines: School Report Cards, State Office Building Prospects, And More

Check out these South Shore headlines, including an article on South Milwaukee’s strong performance in the state school report cards, the potential for a new state office building in South Milwaukee, a celebration of the Rocket boys’ cross-country team, a new operator for Willowcrest Care Center, and more …

Also, NOW has published a new police blotter.

More on the school report cards from the article …

From 2015-2016 to 2016-2017, South Milwaukee raised its overall district score more than 10 points, moving the district from “meets expectations” to “exceeds expectations.” In this year’s report card, the district earned a score of 73.3 overall, when last year the overall score was 63.1.  

“I would say we were pleasantly surprised with the final calculations,” said South Milwaukee Director of Instruction Ann Ecker. “Our students are making growth, and so that is really encouraging for us seeing that progress.” 

Ecker said that the district saw encouraging progress in the Forward Exam and MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) tests, so this score increase did not come as a big surprise.  The past few years, the district has updated its K-8 reading and writing curriculum and now has a new math curriculum. Paired with an emphasis in literacy in every subject and on professional development, these changes are some of the biggest causes for the score increase, Ecker said. 

The district’s scores in priority areas reflected this emphasis on reading, writing and math, as well. In 2015-2016, the district scored 45.2 in the growth category, but in the most recent report card, the district brought that score up to 73.6. District Growth represents student improvement over time in reading and math.  


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4 responses to “Headlines: School Report Cards, State Office Building Prospects, And More

  1. SM Guy

    Something is confusing here about the Cat property. The article makes it sound like having the state use it is nowhere close to a done deal, and they quote you in the article as saying that you are interested, but think that the state has moved on. However, didn’t you post a few weeks ago that the property was either sold or just about sold? At that point, you stated that you were prevented from saying much about it. That’s understandable, but seems to contradict the article. 1) If the state (or their agent) was buying the property, then why would you say “I think (the state has) moved on,”? Just say you are interested and that that. 2) If someone else is buying the property, how can we be going forward with this when someone is buying it for their own use, whatever that might be?

    Not saying one use or another is good or bad. Just trying to sync up two separate posts on this topic.

    • There are a lot of moving parts with the Caterpillar property right now. For instance, there was an “accepted offer” on the site earlier this month; that deal now appears off. With that in mind, I want to make sure we are in play for as many development opportunities as we can be — hence the interest in the state office building, among many others. I’ve been told the state may have moved on, but I’m hoping the article and additional lobbying will help (I spoke to Gov. Walker about this yesterday at an event). We have a great case to make and offer a strong alternative to building a new building, one that could save taxpayers millions of dollars. I and the city will continue to press that case in the months ahead and hopefully seize on this opportunity. We will explore, and are exploring, other opportunities as well, as we play a much more proactive role in shaping our redevelopment future than we have for many years.

  2. SM Guy

    And pointing out the humorous side (and some poor editing) of a serious topic in the NOW police blotter: “…and threatening to kill the woman he lived with and her deceased mother.” So, was he threatening to kill the already-deceased mother or was he living with a decease woman? Either way….

  3. Frank Millpond Gratke

    I would like to say SM Guy, who I know, and our Mayor both put in the time. More people should get involved, it only adds to the discussion. My take on the Caterpillar property is to contact the Komatsu company. They have just recently designed and built a very large construction truck. They have mention about building bigger shovels. Their balance sheet and earnings statement are far stronger. then Caterpillar’s.
    South Milwaukee may not be a rich community in dollars but it has a very strong community in spirit. We can easily offer Komatsu help in reorganizing .the trained crew of people that design and build the big shovels. The two 23,000,000 pound China shovels showed that.it can be done. I may write them a letter and say for 15,000.000 dollars they can get a lot buildings and trained personnel in a hurry. They would probably email back and write you did mean to say 15 billion dollars with three more zeros. Note Komatsu has a much better respect for the craftsmen verses Caterpillar’s heavily relying on their process sheets. AKA,Komatsu respects the experienced worker.

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