Council Approves 2018 Budget

The South Milwaukee Common Council voted 7-0 last Tuesday to approve the 2018 city budget, which you can see here.

I wrote about the proposed budget extensively here.

I am proud of this budget, and I offer this context.

The tax rate will be $9.65 per $1,000 of assessed value. A homeowner living in a house assessed at $150,000 will pay $1,447.50 in city taxes come December.

For that approximately $120 per month — or about $27.83 per week, $3.96 per day — you receive 24/7 police and fire protection, paramedic service, garbage pick up, snow plowing (including alleys), leaf pick up and free (for the first one) special pickups and chipper jobs. We maintain 70 miles of paved roads (even more when you include alleys), and thousands of street trees. Your taxpayer dollars also fund the South Milwaukee Public Library, Health Department, and Grobschmidt Senior Center.

We support the South Milwaukee Little League, stepped-up beautification efforts and events like the South Milwaukee Downtown Market, Heritage Days, Old Fashioned Christmas, July 4th, the food truck festivals and a variety of Rocketober events. We provide police services in the middle and high schools, and in and around Grant Park.

And that’s just the start of the services and amenities delivered by more than 150 city employees who work hard to give you, our residents, value for your taxpayer dollar.

No one likes paying property taxes, me included. But I always ask, “What do you get for that investment?” The answer: A lot.


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5 responses to “Council Approves 2018 Budget

  1. bob

    I thought the Sheriffs Dept. is responsible for Grant Park and other county parks ?
    What are the stepped up beatification effort ??

    • Yes, the county is the lead agency in the parks. In practice, we are the first responders and primary patrol agency.

      As for beautification efforts, look no further than what the group has led with holiday decorations this year. Adopt a Tree was another win, in addition to creative work we’ve done with our summer plantings. More to come in this area in 2018 and beyond.

  2. Lori

    I appreciate what you and all the city employees do for our city. Thank you.

  3. John Tangen

    I for one would still like to know what the police do that they need any more officers. It seems that they only act when they are informed by citizens that laws are/were broken. And should we even discuss how many years the laws were ignored around Rawson school until the new principal wanted the laws enforced for once?

    As usual, you will delete this comment as it raises valid points but criticizes a sacred cow.

  4. Frank Millpond Gratke

    The city fathers have hired a police chief from the outside. This will be interesting. I believe that South Milwaukee is made up of a lot of good people but isolated from the reality of intercity life. We have seen the inter city crime come our way. Both citizens and police will need to adopt to a change in police techniques. I just do not see it coming easy. I think you will find the new chief far more direct in handling the issues. Please be patient with the change.

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