Light up South Milwaukee: And Your Winners Are …

What an amazing response to our first-ever Light Up South Milwaukee holiday lights awards program!

More than a dozen of us — including Beautification Committee members, families and friends, young and less young — toured and scored each of the 49 entries on Saturday evening. A few thoughts on what we saw …

  • There are LOTS of terrific lights displays out there across the city, including many that weren’t even nominated for the program.
  • A number of blocks have some great displays, too. James Circle comes to mind.
  • The seven winners are below (in no particular order). Each of these houses received at least nine scores of “five” from the 12 judges. Winners will receive $40, a yard sign and mention in this blog post and on social media. (Note: We decided to scrap the idea of categories once we got into the judging; too complicated.)

We have also compiled a list of addresses of each home that received at least one “five” score from our judges — including a list of seven “honorable mentions,” addresses that received at least five “five” ratings. Check it out here, and take your own tour!

Finally, I say thanks to the Beautification Committee for their support of the program, our judges, Sue Hebner for mapping the route, and the Golden Lion for the bus, especially driver Kurt for his patience with our festive group. And thanks to Ryan Greco for the photos.

I think we have the start of another South Milwaukee Christmas tradition here. This was a ton of fun. I’m already looking forward to 2018.

806 Lake Drive

806 Lake Drive

1306 Marquette Avenue

1306 Marquette

1720 Manitoba Avenue

1720 Manitoba

1817 Edgewood Avenue

1817 Edgewood

1333 Columbia Avenue

1833 Columbia

2501 8th Avenue

2501 8th Avenue

3701 6th Avenue

3701 6th Avenue


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8 responses to “Light up South Milwaukee: And Your Winners Are …

  1. Paul Wood

    Address is 1333 Columbia not 1833 Columbia

  2. Bryan Wood

    When will we be able to get the signs or when we they get handed out?

  3. Denise zindler

    1224 Marion ave is all lit up! It’s my house! Lol

  4. Frank Millpond Gratke

    Thank you Mayor. Went on a tour, of the city with friends,had a great time and found a lot of nicely decorated homes. It is just nice you help promote this. My favorite is still the lamps on 1200 block of Oak Creek Parkway.What is interesting if you look opposite way of the lamps you see the ;lights of Caterpillar Plant across Oak Creek. I feel there is a message,in the display, “please do something good with the Caterpillar Plant”.

  5. Bryan Wood

    Just wondering as a winner we got the signs up weeks ago but I never received the money. I don’t know if I got an email and it went to spam or what. My dad also never got anything. Like I said not sure if I’m suppose to go pick it up somewhere or what. Just making sure I didn’t miss anything

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