Get Emergency Alerts on Your Mobile Phone: Sign Up Now!

Y-IoGV4y-1We have done a lot to enhance city communications in recent years. One key example: An investment in AlertSense, a platform we have used and will use going forward to communicate with residents in times of emergency.

Your landline is already in our system, but mobile phones need to be logged if you prefer (or need to) get information that way, so please consider entering those numbers, too.

Sign up here. More details on the city website

The City of South Milwaukee, in cooperation with AlertSense© system is pleased to offer its residents a quick and reliable way of receiving emergency messages and alerts by phone or text message. This AlertSense system has the capability of notifying residents by phone in the event of an emergency that affects your neighborhood. This is done utilizing a pre-established landline phone database. 

In the event of an emergency, you may receive an automated phone call advising you of the nature of the situation and the appropriate measures to take. The caller will always identify themselves as being with the City and may leave a phone number for you to contact for further information. An added feature of this system allows people to sign up their mobile phones or other communication devices to receive these alerts by text message.

To sign up for this free service. (NOTE: This is a free service, but normal text messaging rates based on your wireless service plan will apply.) It is not necessary to complete a registration, for a landline telephone, these numbers are currently available to the alerting system.


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3 responses to “Get Emergency Alerts on Your Mobile Phone: Sign Up Now!

  1. Ken

    Is a Time-Warner (Spectrum) line considered a land line?

  2. Diane

    How will I know when my mobile phone is on the Alert Sense list?

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