Spring 2018: Who is On the Ballot

Filing deadlines for candidates to appear on the spring 2018 ballot came and went at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, and here is how local races are shaping up …

  • South Milwaukee Common Council: In the First District, incumbents Craig Maass and Frank Van Dusen will face four challengers in a Feb. 20 primary: Brett Breisemeister, Andrew Buckner, Frank Millpond Gratke and James Leavens. In the Second District, incumbents R. Patrick Stoner and Ramon Navarro face challenger Larry Pagelsdorf. Only the two incumbents are running in the Third (Lisa Pieper, Joseph Bukowski) and Fourth (David Bartoshevich and Peggy Clark) District, for two seats in each district. No primaries are needed in the Second, Third and Fourth Districts.
  • South Milwaukee School Board: Incumbents David Maass and Jon Shelenske will face challenger Gratke for two seats. There will be no primary.
  • Milwaukee County Board: There will be a Feb. 20 primary for the District 8 seat, with incumbent David Sartori of Cudahy facing challengers James Davies of South Milwaukee and Steven Shea of Cudahy. More details here.

Much more to come as these races get closer.

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  1. Frank Millpond Gratke

    Two of my issues are corporations should pay for cleanup of the toxic runoff and hauled in polluted waste should ne hauled back out. What do you think?

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