Play Ball! South Milwaukee Little League Registration is Open

Thinking of baseball on a snowy winter day, with some news from one of my favorite local institutions …

We are excited to announce that we are accepting registrations for the 2018 Season. We are accepting players from 4 – 16 years old.

The programs that we offer are as follows:
Rookie Ball – 4-6 Year olds ($90.00)
Age as of 8/31/18

Early Bird Registration 
If registered prior to 3/15/2018 the registration is ONLY $70.00

AA Baseball/Softball – 6-8 Year olds ($140.00)
Baseball age as of 8/31/18
Softball age as of 12/31/17

AAA Baseball/Softball – 9-10 Year olds ($140.00)
Baseball age as of 8/31/18
Softball age as of 12/31/17

Major Baseball/Softball – 11-12 Year olds ($140.00)
Must be born between 5/1/2005 and 8/31/2007
Softball age as of 12/31/17

Senior Baseball/Softball – 13-16 Year olds ($140.00)
Baseball age as of 8/21/18
Softball age as of 12/31/17

Intermediate Baseball – 11-13 Year Olds — This is in addition to Major or Senior Baseball
Must be born between 9/1/2004 and 8/31/2006

High School Baseball players that are 16 years or younger are eligible to sign up to play Senior baseball until High school baseball Starts. Then players will play for their high school. Players will be eligible to play all stars after the High School season has been completed. ($50.00)

Early Bird Registration by CREDIT CARD –
If registered prior to 1/20/2018 the registration is ONLY $105.00

Early Bird Registration by CHECK OR CASH –
If registered prior to 1/20/2018 the registration is ONLY $130.00

Fundraiser – 
South Milwaukee Little League has one fundraiser that starts in April. You can participate in the fundraiser (sell $200 in candy bars and provide a post-dated check one month out from the date in April when the candy bars are picked up) OR there is a buyout option when registering that is $100.00.

Volunteer Deposit – 
South Milwaukee Little League charges $125.00 per family as a volunteer deposit. Once the family has completed the required shifts of volunteer time (3 shifts – a minimum of 2 shifts in the concession stand) the deposit will be returned.

Required Documents –
Documents this year do not need to be mailed or emailed in this year. They can be uploaded after you have registered your players. See attachment on your receipt for more details!

Register on our website: South Milwaukee Little League

or here: Registration

Any questions please contact us at:

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