Fighting for South Milwaukee, and Cities and Villages Across the State

leaguefinalI have humbly accepted a nomination to join the League of Wisconsin Municipalities Board of Directors. I am excited to step up and play a leadership role with this organization, one that I have been very impressed with in my time as mayor.

But it’s not about me. This is really good news for our city.

As they say in this press release, the League is poised to propose sweeping reforms to “examine and reform the state/local partnership” in coming years, and this appointment means South Milwaukee will have a seat at the head table.


Additionally, as I said in the release …

“We are stronger together, and the League’s work is a reflection of that. Now more than ever I’m excited to help guide their efforts in providing a strong, unified voice for cities and villages in Madison, and in sharing best practices we can all learn from.”

Let’s get to work.

Learn more about the League here, and its agenda


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4 responses to “Fighting for South Milwaukee, and Cities and Villages Across the State

  1. Melanie

    Everyone should read the agenda for this organization. It is just another way to increase our taxes. Yes mayor, be humble.

    • Quite the opposite. That is not what I’ve seen at all. I see a group that lives its mission of standing up for cities and their residents in Madison, and sharing best practices we all can learn from.

      Here is who they are: “The League of Wisconsin Municipalities was created on December 14th, 1898 to help Wisconsin cities and villages share ideas and learn from one another, to train and provide information to the people elected and appointed to govern those cities and villages, and to advocate on their behalf with the Wisconsin Legislature, Governor and state agencies.”

      One example of how they are working to protect taxpayers: “Dark store.” The League has gone all in fighting against this tax shift from big box retailers to residential and other property owners, organizing community leaders and lobbying lawmakers extremely hard against this real threat. Let’s hope lawmakers have the courage to do the right thing and stand up for the small guy.

  2. Mary Holtz

    Congratulations on this appointment! Being part of the process as changes occur is vital. I’m hopeful your involvement will help the rest of us in South Milwaukee to stay informed and engaged in the development and decision-making to come.

  3. Frank Millpond Gratke

    Looking at the City of Milwaukee’s financial status is disheartening. It has proposed laying off police and fire with the lowering of it’s bond rating. I see the need to keep taxes in line but also see a need to have cities financially sound. The state and county need to look at procedures that keep cities financially sound. The League of municipalities may need to stress that the state and county address financial structures of the cities before shifting the cost of services to them.

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