A Word on Coyotes

From the South Milwaukee Health Department …

Citizens need to be mindful of the increase in coyote activity. Especially if they have small pets, they should keep a close eye on their pets when outside. Adult coyotes typically mate in February so residents may see an increase in activity.


Here is a photo of a coyote spotted in the 1700 block of Blake … I’ve also seen reports of them near Grant Park.



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3 responses to “A Word on Coyotes

  1. Ken

    I think most golfers will tell you they are frequently seen on the Grant Golf course. They have no interest in getting close to you.
    Ken Lauffer

  2. Frank Millpond Gratke

    Here is my comment from 2016::We have had this issue before. The problem is the coyotes may change their nature in an urban environment. I suggest having are police keep an eye out . They should observe and note when possible. The results might not be good for the coyotes. They may start traveling in hunting parties, that is when some action needs to be taken..

  3. QueenMamaof3

    Over the course of three days my husband and I spotted two wild canine animals together on two different occasions. My husband saw them near the playground on 15th near the high school and they ran across the street into the trees north of the creek. Two days later I was with my son and our small dog when we heard what sounded like a screaming woman. We turned to see two wild canines bound across Parkway Drive and they interacted with each other in the open space near the playground. The screaming sound was the animals. They looked quite red with black feet, but I’d gauge their size at 20-25 pounds, so too large for foxes from what I’ve read. We each picked up a stick in case they approached us with our dog. They ran across 15th, but we later saw one multiple times as we walked the path to Rawson Ave on the west side of the creek and back on the parkway (east side of creek). Kinda felt like we were being tracked. It ended up bouncing across Parkway Drive in the same spot we originally saw it and walked up the hill in the street on Hemlock. It’s fur was definitely red and it didn’t have the unkempt long-legged coyote appearance, but again it seemed larger than a fox. Definitely NOT a pet dog.

    A couple of days ago a friend saw 4 coyotes together near the playground. Not sure how many make an official pack, but 4 together is concerning to me. Haven’t walked our dog in the park since then. I have no idea what I’d do if 4 coyotes surrounded us.

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