Redesigning Downtown: Mount Mary Students Take on South Milwaukee

I say it often — we will reinvigorate downtown South Milwaukee one business, one building at a time.

I’m excited to say we’re getting some help with that the next few months, as 11 advanced level students from Mount Mary University are making redesigning and rethinking our city center their class project, focused on vacant buildings.

Mount_Mary_University_logoI’ll let Genevieve Szeklinski, assistant professor and chair of the school’s Interior Design Department and proud South Milwaukee resident, explain it …

As part of the senior level interior design studio at Mount Mary University, students study different commercial building types while referencing appropriate business models as they propose and design a new business. Working with Project ReStore South Milwaukee, the design students will first explore “main street” dynamics. Next, they will select a vacant building on Milwaukee Avenue  for their potential project. Lastly, students will design the exterior graphics and interior designs for their respective business. All 11 designs will be added to a computer model that produces 3D renderings of what the completed streetscape would look like.

In other words, we — and, more importantly, owners of vacant properties — will get a set of fresh eyes on their buildings, showing the potential for their building and our downtown … and a road map to get there.

I’ll keep you posted as the work gets going, and please join me in welcoming these students to South Milwaukee.

Thanks for being a part of the momentum we have downtown!



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5 responses to “Redesigning Downtown: Mount Mary Students Take on South Milwaukee

  1. Betsy

    This is a terrific collaboration: a step forward for the city, and an invaluable experience for students moving into the workforce. A number of buildings in town have great “bones” and will benefit from updated facades and renovated interiors.

  2. Nels Monson

    Sounds interesting. I just hope that when their vision is laid out it takes into account the importance of utilizing the original aspect of the building’s façade and not try to reinvent the wheel by trying to create some kind of “modern” look to these historic buildings. Help preserve our past!

  3. Don Freimark

    Thanks a lot to Mt. Mary for the plans/site proposals. We need to get proper zoning.

  4. Jenny Carlson

    I live in Cudahy and would like to be a part of making South Milwaukee and Cudahy great again! How can I get involved? Is there a business association?

  5. C.M.Clauer

    What a great concept. The students get practical experience and the city gets some free suggestions. I would love to see move of the vast talent available doing more to improve the city.

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