Help Wanted: Volunteers to Clean up Yards of Local Seniors

From the Interfaith Shore Regional Neighborhood Outreach Program …

Greetings Interfaith SSR Volunteers and Potential Supporters:

Next week is the first day of spring … and with that comes our clients needing assistance with spring yard cleanup. We’re looking for volunteers to help with this. You’d be raking debris from the yard, bagging debris, trimming bushes, etc. and other fun stuff (LOL)!  Most homes have small yards and most yards take about 2 hours. It could be:

  • You
  • You and your teenagers (yup. good luck with that one)😬
  • You and your younger kids (sweet!)
  • You and your grandkids (fun!)
  • You and your extended family
  • Your friend group (and then go out for dinner!)
  • A scout group (maybe for a badge)
  • A church group (service hours!)
  • A youth group (service hours!)
  • A school sports team
  • A service organization
  • Your school group
  • Your tennis partners
    Your golfing foresome (getting together before the courses open!)
  • Coworkers (maybe your boss will let you leave work early one day to do this 😳)
  • It can be … anyone!

Here’s how it works. You tell me you want to help … and how many homes you’d like to tackle (1, 2 or (gasp!) even 3!). Let me know the number of people you expect to help. Then I will provide you with the names and addresses of clients and their tele numbers.

You decide when you can do the work – weekdays, weekends, weekday evenings. Whatever works best for you and the client is good for us. We ask that the work be completed by April 22.

Let me know by Sunday if you are interested in this!


Victoria Jensen
Interfaith Older Adult Programs, Inc.
Volunteer Outreach Coordinator, South Shore Regional Neighborhood Outreach Program
Serving the Communities of Southeast Milwaukee, Cudahy, St. Francis, Bay View, South Milwaukee and Oak Creek
414.762.1998, ext. 103<>
Office Hours: Tuesday, 8-4 pm

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