Investing in a Local Institution: Renovations to Close South Milwaukee Library for Two Weeks

From South Milwaukee Library Director Nan Champe …

A complete flooring upgrade and new paint throughout the South Milwaukee Library will close the facility April 15-29. The Library will resume normal operating hours Monday, April 30, 2018.

The new flooring will include walk off/highly durable carpet squares at all entrances, vinyl flooring in two meeting rooms and carpet squares throughout the rest of the library. The new flooring will help create natural walkways and space definition and provide easy maintenance and repair. The current carpet was installed in 1995.Warm and welcoming colors will be added to the walls throughout the library and will also help define key areas, such as the children’s library space.

During closing:

  • Due dates for South Milwaukee-owned items will be extended through the closed period. Take advantage of the extended due dates by stocking up before the closing!
  • The outside book drop will be open to receive returns. It will be emptied daily and items will be checked in.
  • Don’t forget to use our digital services during this time: Overdrive, Hoopla and RBdigital Magazines. If you need help getting started, let us know.

This renovation project represents a significant capital investment in the library by the City of South Milwaukee. The total cost of the renovation is $107,000.The last major library renovation project, which included the building’s expansion, was completed in 1995 at the cost of $1.3 million.

South Milwaukee Library closure



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9 responses to “Investing in a Local Institution: Renovations to Close South Milwaukee Library for Two Weeks

  1. Melanie

    You gotta be kidding. Will someone please find money to put doors on the grade school, Blakewood. (Please don’t say that is a school matter)

  2. Melanie

    Yes, anything to protect my grandchildren, do the classrooms at Rawson have doors?

  3. Melanie

    Your kids go there, don’t they? That’s good.

  4. Melanie

    If all the citizens in South Milwaukee that were tricked into voting for the tax hike and 42 million dollar high school knew that there were no doors in the class rooms for 4 year olds to 11 year olds, they would be outraged. If your kids went there you would wonder how the city/school can’t find the money to put doors that locked on every classroom , when we can put new carpet in the library. It is a joke. Maybe Rawson would like to give their doors to Blakewood. Maybe as mayor, you could suggest it and find the money for the labor.

  5. trkstr31

    Perhaps directing concerns about school issues to the school district would be the most effective way to have them addressed, being that the school district is a separate entity from the city government.

    The school district is run by the superintendent and the school board. City services are run by the mayor and common council. They are two separate taxing entities with separate budgets.

  6. Melanie

    Perhaps, like l didn’t know that.

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