Answering the Call: South Milwaukee Fire Department Files Annual Report

Fire bell

The South Milwaukee Fire Department has filed its 2017 annual report.

Please take a look at it for a glimpse of what services the SMFD provides to the citizens who live, work, visit, or invest in our community.

From the introductory letter from Chief Knitter …

The changing face of our community and the increasing demand for our services keeps us continuously challenging ourselves to find new and creative ways to serve the public.

Our overall call volume decreased slightly during 2017 in comparison to 2016, with the decrease most probably attributed to an increased effort to refer frequent, non-emergent, users of our ambulance service to the South Milwaukee Health Department (SMHD). The SMHD does a fabulous job interacting with these patients and guiding them towards whatever solution is necessary to keep them from utilizing the ambulance service for nonemergent conditions. Unfortunately, we did see a 39% increase in building fire responses in 2017 resulting in a significant increase in dollar loss associated with these fires. No one identifiable behavior or cause can be used to explain this spike.

I am proud to announce several distinguished awards presented to our department during 2017. First, Captain Glen McCoy, our Department Training Officer, was honored as the Instructor of the Year by the Wisconsin Society of Emergency Service Instructors. Additionally, our department was awarded the Safety Leadership Award by the Wisconsin State Fire Chief’s Association for our Firefighters Addressing Cancer Exposure (FACE) Program. This program has served as a model set of best practices to many departments across the state and the country and continues to be a work in progress for us as we try very hard to make an inherently dangerous occupation safer. 

In closing, the South Milwaukee Fire Department will continue to answer the call 24/7/365 and maintain its high level of service delivery as we respond to the needs of the community as an all-hazard, all-risk department. Our focus will remain on community involvement, risk reduction, fire prevention, public education, and delivering timely, professional, effective, and efficient service.

Thanks for your service and dedication!


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