Coming Soon: Indoor Soccer Facility at the Former South Park Lanes

The South Milwaukee Common Council gave final approval to the conditional use permit for the indoor soccer facility planned for the former AMF South Park Lanes at 305 N. Chicago Ave.

This is exciting news, and the complex will be a great reuse of building going on four years of vacancy. It will also fill a need in the soccer community, which we’re told has a lack of indoor space available in which to practice and play.

The facility, which will be focused on serving area youth players and teams, could be open by August. More details from NOW.

Welcome to South Milwaukee!


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5 responses to “Coming Soon: Indoor Soccer Facility at the Former South Park Lanes

  1. QueenMamaof3

    None of my kids play or have ever played soccer. I fully appreciate and support how this building will be used.

  2. Cory P

    What ever happened to South Park planning to open in August as an indoor soccer facility? Is it still happening or have them plans fallen through? I’m sure you have little say in what’s happening there but was just curious as it looks like nothing has happened yet.

  3. Susan

    Same question two years later. Is this plan still going through?

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