Medical Examiner’s Office: South Milwaukeean Among Those Who Died of Overdose in Tragic 24 Hours

As if we needed another reminder of the extent of the opioid and other drug crisis facing not just South Milwaukee, but all of us, comes word that five Milwaukee County residents died of overdoses on Saturday alone.

One was a 55-year-old man from South Milwaukee. Here is the Fox 6 story.

Nine South Milwaukee residents died due to accidental drug overdoses in 2017.

Do you know someone who needs help? Check out the information below … and also consider joining the South Milwaukee United Against Drug Abuse Coalition, whose mission is to “to prevent, educate and bring awareness to the effects of substance abuse and addiction, and to support those affected by it” to get to “a community free of substance abuse, addiction and the harms associated with it.” Details here.


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One response to “Medical Examiner’s Office: South Milwaukeean Among Those Who Died of Overdose in Tragic 24 Hours

  1. Doris Luljak

    You cry opioid abuse freely. Yes there is a problem with ILLEGAL drug abuse. No doubt about it. HOWEVER, there are people that need the drug to exist. I am one of them. I was in an automobile accident going on 3 years ago. Hit head on two blocks from my house. Guy crossed center line and hit me. Suspended license, no insurance, truck not registered. Messed up my back and neck. I am in severe pain. Seeing a neurosurgeon and will need a 10 hour surgery to fuse my back. I NEED my meds to survive day to day. Am I addicted…NO. I have stopped several times cold turkey to have other surgeries. Never a problem. So stop saying everyone on opioids are going to overdose and get addicted. There are people out there that need it to live a somewhat normal life. Not a junkie that lives from one hit to another until they overdose. The innocent are being punished for the ones that choose to abuse. If they chose to abuse that is their problem, but the ones that need it to just live a semi normal life are punished for their weaknesses. They need help but look to illegal drug sales. Not regulated prescriptions from doctors. Look into multiple prescriptions from multiple doctors. Look into pharmacies that dont catch those multiple scripts from multiple doctors. That is where to start. You cant get a script for heroin or cocaine. Why blame all opioid use? Time to think of ALL people not just the addicted souls that chose to abuse. Doctors do not prescribe heroin and cocaine! Not all people do that. We are just trying to survive day to day.

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