Local Heroes: Officer Mike Hill


On Tuesday, May 15, the South Milwaukee City Council recognized local law enforcement and citizens for their work in serving our community, keeping us safe, and saving lives.

I’m recapping those stories on South Milwaukee Blog. Here is today’s story …

Officer Mike Hill

Merit Award

On January 15, 2018, at about 8:15am, Officer Mike Hill was assigned to an escort call at Divine Mercy, 800 Marquette Avenue. As he was leaving for the escort with the Divine Mercy personnel he observed a person near the building who appeared to be trying to enter the building with some keys. Officer Hill continued to watch the area as he conducted the escort a few blocks away. As soon as he finished the escort call, Officer Hill returned to the church as he felt that something did not seem right about the situation. When he arrived at the church, he checked the building and noticed a door open between Divine Mercy Church and St. John’s Manor as well as fresh prints in the snow. The entire building was checked but it did not appear at that time that the church had been accessed.

PO Hill continued to patrol the area but returned a short while later to again check the church. This time he found the same foyer door was open. He summoned other officers and again went inside to check. This time he found the church doors were unlocked, which appeared to allow access into the church itself. Officers began a thorough search of the church and eventually found a male subject hiding inside the bell tower, on the roof of the church. This person was arrested and was found to be in possession of items belonging to the church. That suspect was later charged with Burglary.

If not for Officer Hill’s attention to detail and persistence in investigating unusual activity, valuable items likely would have been stolen from Divine Mercy. His commitment to the community, combined with his law enforcement experience, led him to take action that less seasoned officers may not have taken. Those actions made our city a safer place and for that reason Officer Mike Hill is hereby presented with a Merit Award.

Congratulations, Officer Hill!

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