Local Heroes: Citizens Rescue Man From Burning House


On Tuesday, May 15, the South Milwaukee City Council recognized local law enforcement and citizens for their work in serving our community, keeping us safe, and saving lives.

I’m recapping those stories on South Milwaukee Blog. Here is today’s story …

Jason and Sean O’Neil and Jay Christenson

Citizen Recognition Award

On November 8, 2017, at approximately 4:00 pm, three South Milwaukee citizens, Jason O’Neil, Sean O’Neil and Jay Christenson, came upon a residential fire at 2604 S. Chicago Avenue. Noticing thick smoke coming from the second floor of the building, Jason and Jay immediately entered the residence and began searching for any occupants. Jay began searching the 1st floor while Jason climbed the stairs to search the upper. The smoke was very thick but Jason was able to find the lone occupant who had collapsed due to smoke inhalation. Jason began dragging the unconscious victim to the stairway when he was overcome by smoke and had to run down to get fresh air. Jay saw that Jason found a victim but needed help in removing him from the building. Both men climbed the stairs again and despite the heavy smoke they managed to pull the man down the stairs. At that time, Sean O’Neil arrived and assisted them in dragging the victim out of the house and into the rear yard.

Fire and police personnel arrived moments later and found all three men in the rear yard, covered in soot but attending to the victim. Thankfully, the victim was revived and none of the men suffered any lasting effects from the fire. Almost certainly the outcome would have been much worse if Jason, Jay and Sean had not risked their own lives. By bravely entering a burning building, ignoring the danger and enduring the dense smoke, these men were able to find and extract the sole occupant, thereby preventing the loss of life. For their heroic actions on November 8, 2017, Jason O’Neil, Sean O’Neil and Jay Christenson are hereby presented with a Citizen Recognition Award.

Congratulations and thank you, Jason, Sean and Jay!


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2 responses to “Local Heroes: Citizens Rescue Man From Burning House

  1. Karen Wasson

    So very proud of my hometown!!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Jilan S. Leschke

    This is so awesome & I commend them all!

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